Friday, January 9, 2015


My patience is thin today.  I think I must be in need of a break but it is so cold and rainy out I'm not motivated.  I slept late and He-Who was already up when I got out of bed.  He had gone to bed at 8 last night but it is still unusual for him to be up this early.

He was working over the newspapers at the dining room table.  I had put the old ones out for our Friday trash pickup but he had managed to retrieve yesterday's as well as today's.  I reached for the local paper only to discover he had removed the Star Living section, the one section I really wanted to read as it has info on local shows, gallery openings, etc.  He had taken that section out of today's and yesterday's papers and they were gone with the trash...frustrating to say the least!  So now I guess if I want to read that section, I will need to get up early.

He's been going on and on about needing new batteries for his hearing aids starting yesterday, said he was out and insisted that we go to Walgreen's today to get more which we did.  On further investigation here in the apartment I found package after package tucked way back on a shelf.  Other stuff is missing...little stuff like the special knife that fits into a cheese board and the black disc that cuts the seals on wine bottles.  I've looked everywhere.  And once again he couldn't find the remote that he had just used to change the channel to (of course) MSNBC...he was sitting on it.

We sat with a woman and her aid at lunch today.  A woman I had not met before.  After introductions (her name is Betty), she wanted to know where the golf cart was.  I looked the aid who just smiled.  I explained that I didn't know and that I didn't play golf.  He-Who chimed in with reporting that we went on the bus trip we took yesterday.  And then Betty asked again if I played golf.  And then He-Who repeated again his report that we went on a bus trip yesterday.  I couldn't help but laugh.  I swear some days I am just sure I have awakened on another planet and God help us, maybe I have.

I was thinking of going to the First Friday reading tonight at Inprint House as my friend, John Gorman is the featured poet but it is so cold that I'm going to skip it.  It sometimes runs really late and I'm just not up to it today.  We did have a fun but long day yesterday on a Brookdale excursion.  We were invited with a few other Brookdale residents to go to the Sysco food company's office for a day of demonstrations and food tasting with Culinary Art Institute Brookdale chefs from Chicago.  All day they cooked and we sampled and they talked of dining room management.  Interesting and most of the food was delicious.  Have you ever heard of a fish called Pangasi?  Me, neither.  It's a delicious white fish from Asian waters and cheap.  We came home with recipes, a digital thermometer and a dozen shot glasses.  They prepared yummy desserts layering cake, cream cheese and mouse in all different flavors in the shot glasses.  We were served chocolate layered with cream cheese and coffee mouse.  But He-Who doesn't remember much about the food or where we were but loved the bus ride.  Ain't that a hoot!

I made corn chowder, pumpkin cornbread and spinach/orange salad for dinner last night.  My in-laws joined us.  I had an ah-ha moment yesterday watching these chefs.  I realized that I do enjoy cooking...just not on a regular basis where I'm totally responsible for all meals 24/7.  We are blessed here to have a pretty good chef and I don't have to plan what we eat, shop for it, cook it and clean it up daily...I cook only when I'm in the mood.


  1. Recipe please for corn chowder and pumpkin cornbread. Sound absolutely delicious.........
    Rainy days always zap me of my energy. Always have. Maybe that's why I love the almost continual sunshine in SMA.......hmmmmm.

  2. Admiration for whatever patience you manage :-) I am still dealing with beginning stages, crossing fingers for slow progression, and hoping for more understanding and patience.