Tuesday, October 18, 2016

And I just thought it was slow going....

Oh my, suddenly I find myself among the disabled, hopefully temporarily but not a good place for a caregiver to be.  Some how in our adventures in San Antonio my back decided to give me fits, mostly in hip and leg.  Not that we didn't have a great time in SA but driving home was difficult.  I could hardly drag myself out from behind the wheel.  So life has been interesting since then...wrestling with the Baylor system of doctors, an MRI which shows ruptured discs in lumbar region and a slight fracture.  So now we have welcomed Folly the Rolly (Rollator to the uninitiated) to our family and I have joined the line up of others on walkers around here which is incredibly humiliating for someone who has been as active as I am.  Geezus!  Of course the next project is to paint Folly...right now she is just adorned with ribbons.

So you can imagine how He-Who-Sleeps-Alot is dealing with this...very confusing at times and frustrating.  I spend a lot of time on ice and heat and not doing much else.  He has such a terrible time with any kind of directions.  I asked him to get an ice pack out of the bottom shelf  of the door of the freezer.  He found the freezer but couldn't grasp the whole idea of the door.  I'm in agony from the pain and he is desperate to help, God love 'im.  But finally we worked it out.

But here is the good news.  I found a series on doctor interviews on a website called Awakening Alzheimer's, excellent and interesting and some supplements were suggested. The website isn't selling them but I ordered them from Vitacost and began giving them to He-Who.  By damn, I think I see a difference!  I think the combination of my needs now and the supplements have lit some kind of fire in him.  He actually volunteered to take a walk by himself the other day and he is trying so hard to help me around the apartment.

And I swear but the Goddess does step in to look after us.  I was so concerned about the potential move the end of November not knowing exactly how this back thing is going to turn out.  I don't want to have to change doctors mid-stream or start all over again with a new team in San Antonio.  Well, folks, Watercrest at the Dominion now says our apartment won't be ready until the first of the year, January!  That certainly takes the pressure off trying to accomplish that event during the holidays.  The whole family is going "whew"!  I can't get upset...we have a roof over our heads and food to eat...lots better off than much of the world, back pain or no back pain.
Daughter has been great driving in to take me to the doctor and get groceries, meds, etc.  I have hired someone to come in and do the laundry once a week.
I have a doc appointment Monday to prepare to get shots in my back...send good thoughts that they work.  I missed Book Club but am reading the book, House Rules by Jodi Picoult, excellent. Life is good and I am grateful for all the good in the world.  Now to just get Hillary elected...Dump the Trump, he is a disaster.

Just know that when the caregiver goes down, everything gets even slower, much slower.