Saturday, August 13, 2016

It's gotta be cooler in Montana....

My gypsy soul is having a melt down and I'm trying to revive it.  And why have my recent blogs been kinda sad.  Well, damn it!  This disease is sad, no cure, no remission, just progression and isolation.
     My dear Artist Way sisters are tempting me with a trip to Montana to visit an AW sister.  The thought of mountains and cool air are so tempting as it has been in the 100s here with high humidity.  I mentioned the idea of my going to Bozeman for a few days to He-Who-Sleeps-Alot and he had a fit.  He wants to go somewhere and the idea of my going on "another" all girl trip makes him mad.  And sadder yet I have come to the realization that it is more than I can manage to go through airports with him without some help.  I have a hard enough time getting me through with knee replacements and our last experiences together have been frustrating.  On one trip he carried someone else's bag off the plane...thank God they caught up with us.  On another he couldn't figure out what to do at security and then couldn't find his bag on the belt.  I can't imagine trying to change planes now with him.  All of it very confusing for him.
     I'm not sure I can drive long distances anymore.  San Antonio is just far enough but could I make it to NM?  That's a possibility.  I know He-Who gets so bored and what will he do when the campaign is over?  Is there something called the summer doldrums?  I think so.
    I worry that he doesn't get any exercise.  Yesterday in the pool I tried to get him to just walk back and forth with me but he mostly just sits or stands around picking leaves out of the pool.  I'm sure that is comforting behavior for him as that is what he used to do with our pool in Nassau Bay but I just wish I could get him moving along.
     And I wish a fairy godmother would come along and whisk us both back to San Miguel.  Wheeeee!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

No boost from Boost

Well, the Boost didn't boost this morning.  Every day for the past three years I have put a chocolate bottle of Boost on the breakfast table for He-Who-Sleeps-Alot.  I add it to the other breakfast stuff as I feel he needs the "boost".  He takes his morning pills with it along with his Axona drink.
          This morning I am sitting in the living room and he comes in with the empty Axona glass in one hand and the full Boost bottle in the other.  "What is this?" he asks holding up the Boost.  I told him what it was and that he should drink it.  He did and I'm thinking, "Oh boy, this is going to be a fun day."
      Right now we are waiting for Dr. Ho (yeah, that's really his name), the podiatrist to arrive.  One of the nice services offered here is having Dr. Ho come to our apartment when needed.  We sign up ahead of time for a slot on a Wednesday once a month but we are never sure what time he will show up.  Looks like he is running late again.  Life on hold with the elderly...I can't leave as He-Who won't remember he is coming and won't know how to pay him.
      A good time to blog, huh!