Sunday, January 19, 2014

Anticipation or the lack of...

I don't know what these crazy azaleas are thinking but they have started blooming.  What are they anticipating?  They are ahead of the game while hubby seems to be running a few steps behind.

A couple of years ago a dear friend whose husband recently died with Alzheimer's talked of her frustration with her husband's inability to anticipate, to think ahead of what current actions might have in the future, even 10 minutes down the road.  Well, she was right on with what happens with Alzheimer's.  And I forget that at times and it drives me crazy.

Yesterday we had a very frustrating morning.  Actually it started the day before when hubby bounced out of bed early around 8:30...unusual for him and walked out of the bedroom fully dressed saying "I'm ready to go."  Go where????  He had his days mixed up and we weren't going anywhere.
Back to yesterday...hubby wanted to go to a presentation at NASA in the auditorium on the JSC campus that began at 10:00.  He requested on Monday that I drive him .  This is good and appropriate planning ahead.  I had committed myself to be at a friend's house at the same time but that was fine,  manageable and I do want to support his continued involvement.  It gives him so much pleasure.

I get up and dressed and finally get him up at 8:30 leaving him to bathe and dress.  He comes out at 9:30 wearing 3 shirts, one on top of the other. He said he was cold.  I said he couldn't show up at JSC dressed like that and went in to pick out his clothes.  So he is finally dressed and starts fussing with his usual papers etc. and then says he needs new batteries for his hearing aids and wants to drive to LaPorte to get them before going to JSC.  ARGGgggh!  Okay.  Finally in the car I inform him of the time and ask whether he wants to be late to the presentation to get the batteries.  "No".  So off we go to JSC where I have to leave him at the gate to walk in as security won't let me drive him in even with his badge.  Whew!!!

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