Sunday, August 31, 2014

Is the Alz progressing or is it just a bad day?

How does one hang in there when He-Who asks the same question 5 times in 20 minutes?  One smiles and answers and hopes it won't be asked again for a little while.  I can't imagine what it must be like in his head wanting so much to be prepared for what may come next in the day or the plans for the next day.  I can tell he wants so much to be with it and participate and be prepared without having to be coached and coached again.  And I can't even imagine the frustration when all that info fades as quickly as it came in.  How does this man continue to be the sweet, kind person I have always loved!  It must take a lot of energy.  No wonder he sleeps a lot.
My neighbors comment on how friendly and pleasant he is.  For that I am grateful but they don't see and may never the guy who can't find the microwave in the kitchen or figure out how to turn on the TV much less change channels.  It is clear that without guidance and preparation he will not fix any food for himself and no amount of instruction is going to change that.  So at what point do we start thinking about additional help and how do I approach it with him?  There are days when I think he could find his way to the dining hall but would he remember to do so?
This afternoon our oldest granddaughter is coming with her boyfriend for all of us to go see the Shark Exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science of Houston.  She has been fascinated by sharks since she was 6 years old so this should be fun.  It will be interesting to see how He-Who reacts and if he enjoys the outing.  I sure hope so and hopefully it won't be packed with so many that we can't see the exhibits.  I am looking forward to an afternoon off Isle de Cabello Azul and back on the Mainland.  Maybe I'll have pictures.


  1. I do hope the outing was a success.

  2. I hope the lack of comments will not slow down your posting. I'm sure that many readers, like me, rarely post, preferring private email when available. Since I found your blog a few months ago, I have read it all, enjoying your honesty and humour as you support him who needs you. My husband, diagnosed with early Alzheimers some years ago, has, fortunately, not deteriorated much. So far we continue to be able to support each other.