Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Oh my but I am finally feeling close to normal though still coughing occasionally.  This has been a very long battle with bronchitis and antibiotics and steroids (which I hate taking).  And talk about boring for both me and especially He-Who.  I didn't feel like going anywhere or doing anything but watching movies for almost a month. Just managed to get laundry done and missed water aerobics totally. But I rediscovered Zentangles while cruising the Internet and find them comforting and soothing when I don't feel like doing anything else.  And I have volunteered to teach a class on Zentangles here the end of this month.  I'm hoping to get He-Who involved as I think it is something he could do and may enjoy.  It is so simple and yet gratifying and requires no talent or experience.

We seem to keep Walgreen's busy between us.  Just trying to keep our meds straight and filled sends us there at seems like at least once a week.  Our old Walgreen's was so helpful and gracious but the one near us now is SO busy they don't have time to remember us or be helpful.  Even their drive-through always has 3 or 4 cars lined up to both of their windows.
One of He-Who's meds has to be cut in half and when I do that, the chalky pill turns into mostly powder.  I complained to the doc who gave me a new prescription and said I could only get it at Walmart.  I went on the Brookdale bus to Walmart last week and the pharmacy said the prescription was wrong and I would have to go back to the doc to get it right.  Later on another trip to Walgreen's  I was told, "Yes, they can fill the correct size."  So now I must get hold of the doc to get her to send the correct amount to Walgreen's.  Geezus...and I wonder where my time goes.


  1. I read that, Kay, and I wonder if there is something about Alzheimers that spreads to things around it. Since starting to care for my sister, everything seems to get gummed up -- even quite simple things. I like the Zentangles idea -- I'll have to try it with Diane

    1. Jesa, I think caregiving of anyone takes a toll on the caregiver.

  2. I thought of you last week when I watched the magnificent documentary on Glen Campbell on CNN. Hopefully you saw it.........
    You do know there are drugstores in Houston that will deliver, don't you? If you're interested I'll get the names. That might help.........and, did you ever get the pneumonia shot that is good for 5 years. I swear I've not had any bronchial problems whatsoever since I got it! I'm worried about you because you seem to be sick a lot..........Take care, my dear! Please.