Thursday, June 11, 2015

The unrequested journey

The unrequested journey of caregiving, a gateway for self-study, learning, growing, healing, and personal transformation....I read that somewhere and it describes what this journey as an Alzheimer's caregiver has been.  I have learned patience that I never dreamed I would have.  I've always been a "let's get going with this so we can go on to the next great thing." sort of person.  Now my life moves at a snail's pace at times that may drive me crazy while teaching me to slow down and enjoy the moments.  One doesn't hurry an Alzheimer's patient!  It takes time for He-Who to process everything, every request, every instruction, every move.  So I have learned patience and timing.  I allow more time to get ready to go anywhere, to leave the house, to get in the car, out of the car, to the dining room.  

For the longest time after we moved here it bugged me that he always walked behind me when we went to the dining room or the mail box...several feet behind me.  I realize now that it could be because he is never sure where we are going even in our community.  He can't remember that we are going to the dining room to eat!  So now I walk much slower so that he is along side me.    Every time we leave the apartment must be a new adventure for him.
Oldest granddaughter graduates from high school

Today we drove to Clear Lake to computer shop with our oldest granddaughter, our graduation gift to her.  He-Who enjoyed every minute of it which made me happy.  He had little to say but was observing the whole process and didn't even bat an eye over the expense.  We followed the shopping with lunch at Red Lobster enjoying shrimp and those awesome cheese buttery biscuits.  A successful journey for all of us and always fun to hear granddaughter's plans for her future.  She's a determined young lady who will do amazing things I'm sure.


  1. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. Fortunately, I'm still taking only tiny steps on the journey.

    1. Tiny steps are important and valuable in this journey.

  2. Your writings are important, Kay. Some don't have the gift to express with the written word. You teach me to be here now. Hugs to you.