Saturday, June 25, 2016

A neighbor moved today

A going away party for my lovely neighbor, Elizabeth Lanham, in the blue print blouse.  She is 90+, sharp as a tack and going back to Gatesville to live with her son.  I will miss her and the irony of living next to my maiden name but there will be an enclave of Lanhams up near Dallas where quite few of my Lanham relatives live already.  He-Who, in the background, had a fair time at the party but left early.  I think the estrogen level in the room must have been overwhelming, plus he has difficulty hearing and understanding in a room where there is a lot of high decimal chatter.  Geez, so do I sometimes!
I'm going through file after file and throwing away and shredding.  Fortunately our office will shred for free.  How does all this paper accumulate!!
Our TV is not working correctly and after an hour with Xfinity/Comcasst they finally decided to send a technician but not til Monday.  Bah humbug!
Better go check the fridge...I asked He-Who to put away the soup container and sometimes stuff ends up in the freezer.  He has the hardest time with any kind of directions in spite of my efforts to make them simple.
He was a happy camper yesterday.  We found him two new Hawaiian shirts at Walmart and he loves them.  I'm for anything that is wash and wear!  :)

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