Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ah...garbage and wastebaskets

What is it about garbage?  Hubby is compulsive about emptying the kitchen garbage and wastebaskets around the house.  But he won't just lift up the bag with the kitchen garbage in it...he hauls the can outside to the garbage can and piece by piece takes everything out and puts it in the garbage can including coffee grounds and any other mess that might be in it.  I've explained un til I am blue in the face that I  always keep a stack of clean bags in the bottom of the kitchen can and that we have a large supply of bags but it makes no difference.  I even try building sympathy for the garbage men but to no avail.  But if I see him reach under the sink for the garbage, I leap to my feet to tie the bag up before he hits the door.   

Ken can sleep 12 - 14 hours if I don't get him up.  But today he woke up when the phone rang at 9:30, took a shower, and dressed in the clothes he wore yesterday.  He ate breakfast, took his meds, glanced at the paper, and fussed with his papers for a while.  The next thing I knew he was back in bed sound asleep.  I work him up at 2 and asked him if he wanted to go with me to the grocery store (he loves to go anywhere but especially Starbuck's).
"Yes" and he hopped out of bed.
I assumed he was getting dressed.  Wrong!
He was back in the shower.
"You did this already today."
"Oh, okay"
He finally comes out in the same clothes again.
"Do I need a jacket?"
"I don't think so but step outside and see."
He comes back in and says he needs a jacket.
"Your jacket is on the door of your closet."
10 minutes later he comes out wearing the top to his pajamas.
"You can't go to the store in your pajama top.  Where is the shirt you had on?"
He can't find it and I look and look everywhere and can't find it.
He goes into the bathroom and comes out wearing the shirt we were looking for.
It was underneath the pajama top.  

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