Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oh My...the fairy dust keeps falling...

I always thought if I could just relax about this move, the Universe would provide as long as I did my part to make it happen.  SO finally after weeks of sorting, giving away, packing I felt we were getting really close.  And many thanks to some dear friends who spent days with me going through all kinds of shit and helping me make decisions.  Oh and one painted the front bedroom and bath.  The repairs are done and I hired a cleaning lady to come in for two days and scrub.  Then the realtor brought in a "stager" who moved a few things around (we are still looking for some) and we were ready to go. 

We signed the listing contract and put the sign in the yard on Friday.  Saturday morning the phone started ringing to arrange showings.  We were gone all day as 6 different parties came through the house.  Another came on Sunday.  By Monday we had 5 offers on the table.  HOLY MOLY!  And most over our asking price!  We picked the one that is $10K over and that would take a couple of our cats (we can't take them all with us).  But we will continue to show the house until the 7 day grace period is over,,,who knows, maybe an even better offer will happen but I am thrilled to have this one.

Needless to say this has been very discombobulating for the Alzheimer's patient.  Bless his heart!  He has done pretty well but having his stuff moved has so confused him.  And yet he is excited in a good way about finding a place.  He is "sundowning' earlier....getting confused and tired now around 4:00 in the afternoon.  He still wants to go everywhere with me but frequently sits in the car and listens to the radio if I'm not gone too long. He has lost interest in the computer and spends a lot of time reading the newspaper.  The good news is that he has made great progress going through his piles of printed emails and eliminated much of it.

Every now and then he clouds over and is angry.  When questioned, he rails on and on again about not being able to drive.  He looks at me furiously and says "You took away my keys.  This is all your doing."  No amount of explaining it being the doctor's recommendation as well makes any difference.  But I just acknowledge his feelings and redirect the conversation and he eventually calms down.

I am sure that this move is going to be difficult for him but I think once we get into a routine, he will be fine with it.  I'm hoping to get him interested in some activities and socializing with others.  It is so tiring for me to be his only social life.  He doesn't want me to call his friends to come by...I think he is embarrassed.  He enjoys going to church and talking with the guys there and Saturday we went to our great granddaughter's 3rd birthday party where he had a good time.  And next weekend our son will be here for a party at his brother's house with the family around which is good company for him. 

But for now...it is onward through the fog.  The adventure is unfolding just the way it should so far.  Next step is to find a place to park ourselves and our much fewer goods.


  1. Ahh yes, when we let go, it all comes together. I KNOW it wasn't easy to get it to the point of selling. Even though its been 14 years since I went through it, I'll never forget the 4 garage sales after I had knee surgery! Oy vey.
    I thought you had found the perfect place in Galveston........Que pasa? It WILL all work out....hang in there! Wish I was there to help....but I'm sticking close to home for several reasons........HUGS and it's wonderful that you are shed of the responsibility of the big house!

  2. WOOHOO! $10 K and 2 cats..Big time Angel action! I'm so happy for you that this major step is working out well! I continue to send the good energy your way surrounded with love.