Thursday, June 19, 2014

Taking a break from the reality of our lives

I have been so negligent with this blog but our lives have been in turmoil with the sale of the house and planning for the big move.  I feel like I had been running fast and furious for the last few weeks.  I continue to be amazed at how the fairy dust keeps falling on us and how everything seems to be coming together with no big glitches so far (knock on wood).

It seemed crazy when we took off for Colorado in the midst of the chaos of selling the house and moving but the plans had been made long ago.  We received 5 offers on our house in the one day it was on the market...3 over the asking price and of course, we took the highest bidder.  The dreaded inspector came and fortunately found nothing serious wrong but of course, some minor stuff that needed to be taken care of.  The last three weeks have been really hard for hubby and very confusing as different repairmen have been in and out of the house.  It has meant moving him and his stuff around and that upsets him. 

He has a difficult time with directions to do anything.  Is this a "guy" thing or Alzheimer's? I try to give him just one very specific one at a time but there have been days when I haven't been too patient with him while juggling three repairmen in the house at once.  I will say something like "Put this in the freezer."  He will make it to the kitchen and then stand there.  I have to think about all the jokes about the elderly forgetting what they came into a room for.  He can find the room but not the freezer.  One day it was the microwave even though he was standing facing it.  He just couldn't make the connection.

We have found a place to land...not on the beach as we originally thought but in Houston...a Brookdale Plaza facility for independent living.  It is the only place that hubby has said he would like to live there...bigger selection of food on the menu and there are quite a few men.  Many of the other places seemed to be predominantly old ladies on walkers.  And a plus for me is that my oldest and dearest friend has recently moved in there and loves it.  So off we go to a 2 bedroom, 2  bath apartment and we have two weeks to get ready to do it when we return.  It is not a continuing care facility but I decided we will just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

This trip to CO with hubby's twin and wife has been wonderful for hubby.  He and his brother can talk for hours pouring over the NY Times with coffee and he has adapted pretty well to the routine.  We are spending a week at the YMCA camp at their invitation and relaxing.  We took a day trip to Nederland, CO to see this magnificent carousel...a beautiful thing with all the animals hand carved by a local sculptor...rides are $1...can't beat that and he had a great time riding his zebra.  Then an awesome lunch of Indian and Napalese food at Katmandu restaurant.  A fun day for all. 
I had no idea how badly I needed this but evidently my sister-in-law did...God bless her.


  1. I think this is the company that a dear friend is involved in who left the UofH Hilton College to head this up. I'll have to check. If it is so, he told me that they had a great emphasis on quality food and a homelike existence. Where is it located?
    If its the right company they have several..........One day at a time, my dear, one day at a time! Synchronicity will get you through ALL of this......

    1. It is at 5151 Buffalo Speedway, Apt 5224. Right off 59 S.

  2. Great photo of Ken on the zebra.
    I guess we shouldn't be surprised when things go well. It should be the norm! ??Could we be getting normal??
    Always so wonderful to see you, even for only a moment over a huge Cracker Barrel breakfast. Thank you very much for it. Nice to see Sue and Keith, glad they had this trip planned so you could take advantage ot getting away. Dear Kay, I so admire your joyful self. God bless!

  3. Oh my! I've been to Nederland - what an interesting little place perched atop a steep mountain drive from Boulder. Such a surprising place to stop in. Never heard of the hand carved animals on the merry go round though. So nice that you guys went away (change of routine) and Ken was able to enjoy himself.