Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Getting a grip

Well, finally I feel we are getting settled in here and (knock on wood) no major medical issues to deal with after conquering winter sinus infections.  And I can't decide if "getting settled" is a good or bad thing depending on how one looks at it.  I try hard to be grateful for each and every day that we have together in this environment where there is support.  But...yeah, but....
It scares me that I see my adventurous spirit dwindling and the mindset of living on a small island creeping closer and closer the longer we live here.  I tell myself that it would be the same if we were back in our old house and with a lot more responsibility and problems.  At least here I have dining companions to converse with and that is an issue I will address.

He-Who is doing well but refuses to go to anything here without me...that includes meals, exercise, the mail box, excursions, etc.  Thank God his brother comes by and takes him out to lunch so I can be alone for a while.  The NY Times last Sunday had a great essay called Mean Girls At the Retirement Home...hilarious and yet not so humorous if one has experienced it.  I find that it is like junior high...lunch tables can be exclusive.  "This seat is reserved."  So sometimes it is touch and go to find two seats together.  Having a partner excludes me from some of the tables of widows so we migrate around the dining room...not a bad plan as we do get to meet other "newbies".  We are still considered "newbies." after six months.  But the interesting thing is the He-Who can tell the same story he told yesterday at another table and is well-received.  I'm frequently told, "It's hard to believe he has Alheimer's."  Try living with him.  And so many are uneducated about Alz and wouldn't really know what to expect.

This week I finally got to work on some poetry and actually sent some submissions off.  I find I question everything now and juggle priorities.  Did he take his medicine?  Did he change his underwear?  Where are his dirty clothes?  Oh, please don't wear that shirt again.  Is the laundry room free?  What are they serving today?  When is the next doctor's appointment?  Call the optical store again about his glasses.  Call the dermatologist for an appointment.  When will Comcast get here to get him back on line?  Call for an appointment for him to get his beard trimmed.  Check the mail box 3 buildings away.  Is he out of Axona again?  And so it goes and I have yet to make an appointment for the massage gift I was given for Christmas. BUT somehow here I am blogging and submitting and doing some visual journaling and reading some great books like All the Light We Cannot See.

So now He-Who is out with his brother.  I will go to lunch and maybe get to sit with the widows and then head to the laundry room or maybe do this in reverse order.  It is cold out and I want to make taco soup so probably will have to get to the store.  If I hurry, maybe even without my shadow.


  1. Thanks for taking your precious time to share with us. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks, Marilyn. It is therapy for me, I think. And I did have a delightful lunch with the "widows" yesterday. Thanks for the support.

  2. Thinking of your and love reading your updates. All our love! Anne