Monday, August 17, 2015

Welcome aboard!

We have a new neighbor three doors down the hall from us, a lovely woman who is not on a walker and seems to have all her marbles.  I am thrilled!  She moved in Saturday and as a duly charged badge-wearing Ambassador, it is my duty to welcome her and give her my number if she needs anything.  Bless her heart she got the whole picture right away.

First of all the elevator on our end of the building was out of order while repair men pounded away with a jack hammer to correct the bump on the entrance floor.  Add very loud banging to this story. So her movers had to haul her furniture, etc a good distance from the back of the building moving to the rhythm of the jack hammers below.  Ouch!

Then I went up to the third floor to get the new menu and calendar to deliver to her and when I came back, our crazy alcoholic neighbor was in a rocking chair near the neighbor's front door surrounded by 6 firemen/EMTs with a fire truck and an ambulance waiting down below.  They were taking her blood pressure and giving her oxygen.  She had a big black and blue bump on the side of her head but couldn't remember getting it or how.  So the movers were hauling a sofa delicately around this group.  Honest to God, I'm not making this up.  I'm not really complaining as those firemen are all young gorgeous hunks...they could take my blood pressure anytime.

I step into the new resident's apartment to deliver the menu and calendar and the poor woman is looking at me  like "What in the world is going on?"  I assured her that the patient would be okay, that she calls 911 about once a week.  They take her to the hospital, she sobers up, calls a cab and returns home a short time later.  She showed up about midnight after this episode.

Welcome to the good ship Lollipop!  I haven't laid eyes on our new neighbor since Saturday.  There will surely be a poem in here somewhere!


  1. Are you sure she is still there and didn't have the movers reload her stuff and go somewhere else. I probably would have.............

  2. Heck of an introduction to her new digs ! I guess I never think about elderly being alcoholics. Not sure why. Not like they would magically stop. Sad. I enjoy these glimpses into your world, Kay

  3. Living in the real world never really ends! But there are ambassadors--like you. And I want to see the poem as well--like I want to see all of yours.Hang in there!