Sunday, December 20, 2015

All I want for Christmas...

Christmas is getting near and I know what I want and I'm getting it right now before I get anymore stressed out.  I am delivering to myself this amazing imaginary guy friend.  Every caregiver female should have one.
He looks like Richard Gere, maybe a little taller...I'm 5' 10 1/2".  This incredible man is sensitive to all my wants and needs.  He remembers to take out the trash before 8:00 am after gathering it from all over the house.  Then he wakes me with a steaming cup of coffee with just the right amount of creamer.  He watches sappy movies with me or funny ones like Breaking Bad.  He notices when I have a new outfit or hair color and always tells me how lovely I look.  He asks where I would like to dine if not eating at home and always rinses the dishes and puts them in the dishwasher when eating at home.  He would never put fresh eggs in the pantry but always see that plants are watered.  He often suggests we go to movies or put on some music.  He is always there to rub my feet after a long day and pour me a glass of wine and asks how my day has been.  If not a great one, he doesn't try to fix it..he just listens and gives me a hug.  He remembers birthdays and holidays with awesome gifts that reflect he has been paying attention to me AND he knows what day it is.  He gets himself ready on time and can pick out his own clothes and pack himself for trips.

Whew!  What a guy!  I'm not loaning him out... HE'S MINE!  ALL MINE!  You have to get your own.  This princess is ready to be spoiled and have someone look after her every now and then.  She's a little burned out...can you tell?
Now I have to go.  He's already in bed.  Time for me to say goodnight.  Tomorrow is another day on the Island of Blue Hairs.   The music starts...Someone to watch over me....ta-da.

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