Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rain and more rain

What way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon is better than wine tasting in the Texas Hill Country? Here we are, a little damp, at Singing Waters Winery near Comfort, Texas.  Guitar playing in the other room and the rain coming down in sheets.  It was so much fun to relax and chill out with the family.  It had been way too long since we had done anything like that and we both loved it. And, of course, tasted some great wines and brought a bottle home.

However as the water continued to pour from the sky,I began to get anxious about our getting out of there and sure enough on the way back to I 10 the water was beginning to come over the roads.  When we got back to San Antonio, the sky was lighting up with lightening strikes which were really kinda pretty.  The next morning of course was when we heard the terrible news of the storm taking out the town of Wimberly.  I have weathered tropical storms and hurricanes and the flood in Houston and Alvin in '79 but had never seen water come down like we saw Saturday.  In '79 the Houston area got 20" in 24 hours and there was flooding but never has the city of Houston been paralyzed the way it was last weekend.

While in San Antonio, we toured some other retirement communities that offered continuing care with our son.  We revisited one that I had seen before but left less impressed that on our first visit.  The apartments have gorgeous full-size kitchens but no room for a table to eat on.  Very strange so crossed that one off the list.  Our daughter feels that it is time that we lived closer to one of our children and she may be right but we are just really getting settled in here and connected with new doctors (no small task).  We did find one Morningside community that we really liked and it has continuing care so that is a possibility on down the road.  The thought of getting He-Who acclimated to a new environment is daunting much less my finding my way around in a new city.  At the same time it may be wise to make the move while I can still drive and learn my way around.  Right now I'm tired just thinking about it and am going to play Scarlett O'Hara and "worry about that tomorrow."

Today is Thursday and they are still finding bodies and removing cars from previously flooded areas.  We returned on Tuesday between storms and made it home on back streets just fine...grateful to be home and living on the 2nd floor though no one in our community got any serious water damage.
We just attended the 1rst Annual Brookdale Dog Show...hilarious.  This dog's name is Angel.
I love being around them but so happy to not have one right now.


  1. Glad you are home safe and sound. BTW, the 79 storm was 42 inches in 24 hours. Set an all time record and flooded out the NWS weather station in Alvin. That's why they moved the whole thing farther north.....not sure where. I'll NEVER forget that storm. Nor TS Allison in around 2000 or 2001 when my TH in Houston flooded a bit. I'm SO glad to be high on a mountain. IF it gets here I better have an ark. Wimberley and everywhere else is just a tragedy of epic proportions. We always rented on Flight Acres Rd. A friend who has a home in SMA lost her house, totally in Wimberley on Flight Acres Rd. How sad.
    Take care

  2. Glad you were able to enjoy family and the wine before the waters rose. Glad you were safe and dry throughout.

  3. Well, that was weird!! That's the first time that my comment was taken without putting it in twice and I had just put in the first word to save some time/trouble so, obviously, it does make any sense at all. Happy that you had two enjoyable outings (wine and dogs). I definitely prefer the former but we did go to a dog show years ago, where a computer program told us to do a dog a favour and not get one (we were not home enough for the breeds we wanted). Marilyn