Friday, June 5, 2015

Another milestone

Oh my, but it seems like yesterday this blonde cutie was living with us and keeping us constantly entertained and here she is a high school grad.  A year early, no less after much hard work taking night classes and online classes along with a part-time job.  A real cause for celebration and He-Who loved every minute of it.  He was alert, attentive and managed to sit through all 550 grads getting diplomas after waiting an hour in the sun for the program to start.  What a guy!  We didn't get to bed until late so he slept 12 hours last night.

But today he seems to be really congested.  I'm hoping he hasn't caught his brother's terrible cough. I gave him some meds and hope they work.

 And he's disoriented somewhat...hard for him to get straight on what we did last night and little stuff about the security gate.  He got up and dressed eagerly to be ready for lunch with our other granddaughter and our daughter-in-law.  They came here for the graduation and to tour Rice University...a possible school for this granddaughter who graduates next year.  He Who enjoyed the lunch and was pretty chatty in the dining room.  It was so great to have them here for lunch and a visit before returning to San Antonio and I think they will return later this summer for another look at Rice...keeping our fingers crossed, of course.  She's also looking at UT Austin's Plan II program which I was in and I can't help but encourage that program and school as well.

A neighbor here who also attended UT's Engineering School when Ken was there questioned Ken about a professor this afternoon.  I was shocked that Ken couldn't remember anything about her...I had to fill him in that she was his mentor and advisor for his Master's and was the first female engineer to teach at UT.  He used to talk about her all the time.  His long-term memory has been pretty sharp so this was a surprise.  The neighbor printed out an article about her for him which was so nice as it brought it all back for him.  I love these moments when someone takes the time to help him out....very grateful as it means so much to him to savor those memories.

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