Saturday, November 5, 2016

A sexy pirate and a fat Wonder Woman

Looking at this, one might wonder which one of us is demented or maybe both!  Would you believe we won first prize for best costumes!  Ya gotta wonder what the competition was!  But Halloween was fun and He-Who-Sleeps-Alot had a great time and we were among the last to leave when the music stopped.
     Our lives continue to be interesting and definitely requires a sense of humor.  I am still in great pain in my knee and hip, on a walker, but hopeful the next trip to the doc will make it all better.  In the meantime He-Who is trying hard to help out which can get very interesting and at times hilarious.  I hired a helper to do the laundry and was busy when she brought the laundry cart back.  Later I looked in the cart to begin to put things away and it was almost empty with just some folded sheets in the bottom.  What?  I voiced my concern and He-Who cheerfully said "Oh, I put the stuff away except for that."  I complimented him on his industry.  Later I found pillowcases in his underwear drawer, my underwear in his sock drawer and his underwear and socks on the floor of his closet.  :)  Bless his heart!!!
     Good news!  I got him signed up for home health physical and memory therapy.  The intake nurse came this week and spent two hours giving the most thorough interview we have had in years!  And He-Who really liked her!  So therapy begins this coming week.  Yay!
     Our daughter has been a saint to drive in and take us to doctors and get us groceries and my sister-in-law is just an angel covering my early morning doc appointments and including us in other events.  He-Who's twin brother has been picking him up and taking him to a class on politics by Richard Murray at the Women's Institute every Tuesday evening.  He-Who so enjoys this and is excited to go.  Of course, he doesn't remember any of the lecture or dialogue but he has a great time and always comes home talking about how great it was.

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