Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rhonda Rollator

Meet Rhonda the Rollator whom I thought was only going to make a short visit but she is still here and working hard some days.  I'm still having a hard time accepting the fact that I need to use one of these suckers but I am better.  I can walk around the apartment all by myself.  Woohoo!Now the challenge is to get my energy back.  Whew!  I haven't driven our car but twice in the last two months and just across the street to pick up prescriptions.  Geezus!!!

New insights into He-Who-Sleeps-Alot....he wants so much to be helpful but when it came to placing Rhonda in the back of the car, he just couldn't figure out the orientation needed.  Spacial perception is all mixed up which makes me wonder what else must be confusing for him.  I know when walking at night, anything painted dark on the cement appears to be a hole to him and to be avoided.  But what else I wonder and how do I anticipate the problem?

Now that the election is over our challenge is how to occupy He-Who.  Again I am so grateful that we live in this community as there is support available.  Home Health comes 3 or 4 days a week to work with He-Who on memory and physical therapy.  He gets on a stationery bike and does balance and stretching exercises and enjoys it all.  He's not crazy about the memory exercises as it really pushes him but the therapist is delightful so he goes along.  I just wish we had started this program a whole lot sooner but there have been some changes in support therapies here at Brookdale which make it now possible.

Last week I was vegging out on a heating pad while He-Who announced he was going for a walk.  "Wonderful" I said.  About 40 minutes later he marches in grinning like a Cheshire Cat and says, "Look what I found!" and holds up a black plastic bag.  "I found it just sitting there full of stuff."  OMG I'm thinking.  "Where?"  "Over there by that big thing".  ????  With more questions I figured out he had been to the dumpster.  OMG, now he is dumpster diving.  "So what did you do with what was in it?"  "Oh, I put it in the thing."  Never a dull moment.  I am surprised he found his way to the dumpster but we had made a trip the week before.  We don't get garbage pickup on the weekend and as we were having company, we made the trip.  I can see some interesting items appearing on the horizon.

I cancelled our Thanksgiving trip to San Antonio.  I just don't want to miss my PT sessions and risk any set backs to my progress by driving there.  I am bummed out about missing a Watercrest event and being with our son and his in-laws but we will have a lovely dinner with our daughters here.
So much to be thankful for this year.  Our move to San Antonio has been moved out again...now the end of January before our apartment will be ready. Hey, what a blessing is that!  I have more time for recovery with the same docs and we don't have to go nuts during the holidays.  We have a roof over our heads, food to eat, great family and friends...so many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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