Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Aiiiyayaiiii and The Amazing Place

Geezus!  I toured this place today.  Everyone there looked so peaceful and happy.  Beautiful, clean building with lots of activities going on...discussions, Bible study, pool, bridge, dominoes, gardening, lounging in the sun in the garden, program on TV.  My meeting with the marketing person went well and she assured me that there were plenty of people enrolled that could carry on serious conversations and that there were some graduates of Rice University (where He-Who got his doctorate).  I left so encouraged and even though it is pricey (recent hike up to $725 a month for two days a week from 9 to 6 including lunch, activities and a regular health check of vitals) I think we can afford it.  The staff seems trained and adequate for the limit of 60 participants.  It is only about 8 minutes from our home!!!

I think it fits the criteria for getting He-Who into some activities that will challenge him so I made an appointment for him to be assessed to see if he will be accepted.
So I came home all excited and showed him the beautiful brochure and tell him about it and how great I think it would be for him to be with other Rice grads, into some challenging activities to keep his mind active, etc.  He immediately lashes out at me because I didn't turn the speaker phone on on my cell phone soon enough when our son called earlier with news about his mother-in-law who is critically ill.  He-Who goes on and on about not getting the family news and how he doesn't want to go to the Amazing Place, he wants to go to events at NASA.  I have told him over and over again that I would take him to NASA but he has to let me know when he wants to go.  I asked why he wanted to go and he said he wanted to go see somebody.  I asked who and he couldn't remember who and so it goes.  These conversations drive me batty so I just have to redirect us on to something different like walking to the mailbox or going to the March birthday party here.  I will let it alone for a day or two and bring it up again.  I would at least like to get him to go look at it and go through the assessment.  Geez, maybe I will sign me up and let him sit at home in front of the TV watching MSNBC all day.  Actually they are very interested in the possibility of my leading an art therapy group so I may just do that and let him sit in that recliner and rot!.(Whoops, that wasn't nice, was it!)

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  1. You are soooo entitled to these feelings! :-) My worst time at the moment is when my husband gets overly angry at me for some small thing when I do a lot behind the scenes to keep him "on track". Other times he is very appreciative, but it still hurts. I understand your wish to "sign yourself up".