Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dream messages

After watching Spinning Gold the other night, the documentary interview with James Hollis and Pittman McGehee about Carl Jung's work, I have been inspired to revisit some of the thoughts and ideas from the years I studied Jung, especially his book, Memories, Dreams and Reflections.  I do believe in recording and taking a close look at my dreams for some new insights.

Last night I had a doozy.  I dreamed I was invited to He-Who's office at NASA by some of his co-workers for a celebration of his work and the presentation of an award.  I got all dressed up and wandered through the halls of a building until I found the large room where the award was to be presented.  I greeted several of his co-workers  but then they started asking me if I knew where He-Who was, that they were ready to give the award and the crowd was waiting.  I stared at the empty brown office chair that was his and was baffled.  I had no idea where he was and others had been looking and calling around to find him.  I stood there totally perplexed and then woke up.

So much for any denial I might have about him being totally present...sometimes he just isn't there.  Physically present but his brilliant mind just isn't at home.  It tells me that when he is present, that I do hear and understand his desire to continue to contribute to the space program.  Now to just figure out a channel to make that happen.  The Geek Squad comes Tuesday to hopefully get him back up and running on his computer and we will try to set up some Skype conversations for him.  Hopefully there will be some guys still at NASA that are willing to listen patiently.  And so it goes....


  1. Brilliant! You deserve a medal for all your hard work. I bet you'd rather have chocolate though. Maybe a chocolate medal. xxoxo