Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You gotta keep your sense of humor

This morning I took He-Who to the dermatologist for his regular check-up.  He has had a series through the years of pre-cancers that the doc continues to zap...all those years around that swimming pool, years of Saturdays spent cleaning it and seldom using sun screen.  But his latest complaint is about a corn on his foot that needs the attention of a podiatrist (appointment to be scheduled).  So when the beautiful dermatologist comes in, he immediately shows her his foot.  She looks at it and recommends that he see a podiatrist.
She finds a cyst on his chest that she is sure is harmless but will remove it.  And she did and he has several stitches in his chest for which we return in a couple of weeks.  So then he gets dressed and as we walked to the front desk to get the appointment, he says, "Oh my foot feels so much better."  All the way home he tells me how much better his foot feels, that the pressure is off and it doesn't hurt.  He is convinced the doc treated his foot.  Wouldn't it be great if that is the way medicine worked?  Who knows...maybe it did but I'm still chuckling.

And life around here does have some pretty hysterical moments, sad but funny.  There is a very sweet elderly lady here who has found her a boyfriend here though she is quick to tell me he isn't her lover.  But last night I dropped by the Bistro upstairs to get some milk and the sweet one was talking to the cute young thing at the register who looked as though she was having a hard time keeping a straight face.  She turned to me big brown eyes sparkling and with a sweet smile asked, "Do you have some clothes?  I'm having a baby and my tummy will grow and I need some clothes."  I told her "I am so sorry but I don't have any maternity clothes."   Disappointed she took her banana and walked to her boyfriend waiting for her at the door.  The story she had just told the waitress was that she had been at the bus stop and asked a large man standing there if he knew how babies were made and he had said yes, that he would show her and he did.  So now she is pregnant.   I doubt it will be a virgin birth but it will be a miracle indeed.


  1. More posts than previously. I hope that is a positive thing for you.

    1. Marilyn, sometimes there is just more material to write about and the time to do it. It is always therapy for me and a way to document this whole experience with hope that it may enlighten some or comfort others.