Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thank God for help!

Thank God our daughters came to help go through the kitchen and clean out the pantry.  Anything open, we pitched.  I'm just not sure how much room I will have in the new kitchen.  At least I will have a washer and dryer and a full size refrigerator.
He-Who is beginning to be anxious and asks over and over again when we are leaving.  I'm trying to keep things as normal as possible but not feeling up to snuff...still achy and congested.

In the meantime our daughter-in-law and son are going full steam ahead with birthday party plans at their house.  The invitations are out and lots of friends and family have said they plan to come.  The grandkids are planning to be there...first day of spring break.  The last time we had all the Cox family together was for the twins 85th birthday last year.
I just have to get well...not sleeping well and just can't seem to get my snap back.

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