Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Wednesday, February 22

Daughter Karen came to help with packing, etc. but Ken woke up with a terrible cough.  He was dragging yesterday but today very congested.  It is clear he is not well so off to St. Luke's ER we went.  I thing we both have some kind of bug!  Hopefully not the awful one that has been going around Brookdale.  With Alzheimer's it is so hard to tell just how one feels as they lack the sensitivity to their own bodies and are unable to describe what is going on.
The ER doc ordered x-rays and said his lungs looked okay and sent him home with the precaution that if he develops a fever, bring him back.  I fixed him some soup and put him to bed.  Karen cleaned the refrigerator and left hoping she doesn't catch whatever we have.

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