Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thursday, February 23 and Friday, February 24

He-Who is no better...has terrible cough and feels warm.  Yep--he has a temp of 101.  So off we go to Park Plaza Hospital's ER  as I feel we may get better service.  This time the ER doc seems concerned.  The decision is made to keep him overnight and get another chest x-ray.  I'm not feeling well but I stayed until he got into a room and made sure he ate some supper.  His appetite seems okay and I am glad he felt well enough to eat something.
Exhausted I headed for home and sleep.

He-Who's brother and wife came to check on He-Who.  Tests came back negative for pneumonia so the doc thinks it's just a severe bronchial infection and put him on antibiotics.
How can sitting in the hospital room all day be so exhausting?  I'm downing Vitamin C and Mucinex but am feeling worse and worse.  Polly is planning a going-away party for us tomorrow night at her house.  We just have to feel better!

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