Tuesday, May 30, 2017

He-Who not improving! February 25 and 26

I returned to the hospital Saturday morning and find He-Who quite listless.  His color isn't good and he still has the terrible cough.  He doesn't want to converse and I let him rest.  It is obvious he isn't eating much.  I call our son and give him the update and tell him I think he should come.  I am really worried!!!
At noon I try again to get him to eat.  There is shrimp on the menu, a favorite of his but I can only get him to eat a couple.  He seems to have difficulty getting anything down, even swallowing is a challenge.
I decide to go home in the late afternoon and make a brief appearance at the party.  The hospital has my number if needed.
Polly had a lovely good-bye cake for us and friends were most gracious and understanding in their goodbyes.  I am feeling worse and worse physically and crash into bed after another round of medicine.

Today is Karen's birthday.  Chris arrives and takes over for a while as by now I am really sick.  I am just too sick to get to the hospital today and if I have a different bug than He-Who's, I am afraid to expose him.  He doesn't seem any better.  The doc calls and is moving him into ICU to keep a closer eye on him.  I am so worried!  Do the new nurses know he has Alzheimer's and can't respond normally?  That he is hard of hearing and can't see without his glasses?
Pray everyone, pray!

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